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The implication of the word legacy is something of lasting value. Our purpose is to help you to express your story—your Legacy—for your children, grands and great-grands. It is foundational to their own stories and therefore of great worth.

What intangibles are important for you to pass on to those who are dear? We’d like to make that process easy and enjoyable for you.




Side by side with you, Ariel becomes your scribe and artfully helps to create your story or the story of a loved one from your own words. This can consist of a spiritual legacy, a life profile, memories, messages, family history and family lore. Or a happy combination of all those elements! Your own photographs can be your illustrations.

THE PROCESS starts with a complimentary consultation by phone or in person to get acquainted and answer any questions—perhaps over a cup of tea! We’ll help you discover which of our services is most appropriate for your needs. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll furnish you with a set of suggested questions and/or topics and ask that you respond in writing. Don’t panic! The amount of input from you should be relatively short as we are setting out to create a concise work, no longer than 10 pages.

Your written responses will be the crux of our source material. Our conversations along the way will flush out deeper understanding on our part. The result will be a work that retains “your distinctive voice.”

Ariel refers to herself aptly as a scribe. She is there not to invent but rather to help your story to flow well and have the dramatic emphasis which will make it compelling and appealing as it is read by others. Her talents are first as a listener, then as an editor and designer.

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