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Empower dad to begin creating your
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Easily video record, write or upload pics/videos from your devices or social sites.

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We'll guide you to creating content by providing story starters designed to inspire.

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Invite family & friends to enhance any memory by adding stories, pics and video.

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Your online MEMORY VAULT will permanently store all your media & memories forever.

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Too Many Memories are lost with time.
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Living Legacies has created a permanent home for every unforgettable family memory. Take the time now to ensure that no one is ever forgotten.

Family History

Recording memories
made easy!

Simply create a page for any memories and fill it by using our built-in HD video recorder, type your response or upload pics, videos or docs from your devices or social sites.

Our built-in HD video recorder uses the camera on any device

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Story Start

Every story needs a start

Choose from over 100 thoughtful questions that will inspire unforgettable answers. Or choose your own!

Invite your family
to tell their story.

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Living Legacies will email or Facebook
them a thoughtful question of your choice.

100+ Questions

They won't need to sign up or sign in.

100+ Questions

They'll video record or write their response
and add pics, videos and docs.

100+ Questions

Everything is automatically saved in your

Father Tribute National Park

Every memory needs a Forever Home.

Your online MEMORY VAULT will be filled with personal and family memories, special event pages, tributes to loved ones, time capsules and much more!

Everything is backed up!


Make sure no one is ever forgotten

Gather all those great stories from your family so your future family will always remember the people that shaped their lives.

100+ Questions

Discover stories from your family about how they grew up and their early adventures.

100+ Questions

Learn how your parents fell in love and what their wedding was really like.

100+ Questions

Find out about your family's personal thoughts and discover a lifetime of wisdom.

Your MEMORY VAULT will be filled with priceless memories that will last forever. Your family history is really the story of you.



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This is fantastic. I would love this for my kids.

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I love this! Thank you for sharing your passion project with the world!

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I love this idea!

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We've created a variety of memory categories to help organize and inspire everything that needs to be remembered.

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